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Golf Cart Horn Switch

This is an excellent way to turn your golf Cart into a popular spot in your community! With this unit, you can control your golf Cart through the front window, the turn signal Switch can be replaced with a standard turn signal switch, and the Horn can be replaced with a hook on the back of the unit. The hook can be turned off and on to give you beneficial signal quality, the unit also imparts a loud sound to make everyone know you are there.

Golf Cart Horn Switch Amazon

This is a golf Switch button cover for the yamaha golf cart, it is 12 v and can be used with the cover floor mount on the golf cart. The button can be used to turn on the Horn on the cart, for golf carports and this graham golf Cart Horn Switch is a top-grade surrogate to add a bit of color and personality to your vehicle. This small, but important part of the golf course its door, you can choose to handle green or red golf Cart horns, and the Switch is low-voltage, meaning it can run off of batteries. The 12-volt momentary Switch is fast and facile to use, the golf Cart Horn Switch is an outstanding way to add a touch of luxury to your experience, this unique piece of equipment comes in black and features an 6 hole ezgo club car hole. The Switch can be added either to the front or back of the golf cart, and can be used to control the horns on the cart, this is a golf Cart turn signal Switch with a Horn button that prevents the Cart from going into the next gear. It grants 7 wires which can be energized to turn the turn signal off or on.