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Golf Cart Flasher

Our 3 prong Flasher relay for golf Cart is top-rated for when you need a new, modern Flasher for your cart, it's an all-in-one solution that can be placed anywhere in your golf Cart and our Flasher is basic to operate and is designed to keep your workflow on track.

Golf Cart Flasher Ebay

The golf Cart Flasher relays are exceptional for helping out other players when they are lost or need to get to the next hole quickly, plus, it's a fun surrogate to show off your Cart or golf set! This golf Cart Flasher is for for the yamaha club car. It is an 12 v 3 type flasher, it turns the light on and off in the dark. It is produced of plastic and is about 2, 5 inches wide, 3 inches deep, and offers a black anodized aluminum frame. This is a golf Cart Flasher that uses 3 prongs to control the attraction and retention of golf balls, the relays are attached to the sides of the Cart and are connected to the driver or putter by a pulley. The Flasher is controlled by a handle or handle and it is able to attract and keep the golf balls by contacting the prongs, this relay engages and unlocks the golf cart's key parts - 3 prong flasher, which is the removable power cord and reset switch. When Flasher is on, it shows the cart's key parts - the wire hanger and cover - and allows uncomplicated connection and disconnection, the relay is in like manner constantly monitored and Flasher is automatically turned off when leaving the course.