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Golf Cart Hood Scoop

Golf Cart Hood Scoop red is a new style of Cart Hood that is exceptional for the alpha body kit, this style is manufactured of 100% bi- style nomex which is good for both comfort and weather. The Scoop is small enough to suit on the inside of a Cart without making it feel like you are hiding the Cart from view, it gives a nice, modern look that will make your Cart more visible. The red color is excellent for the alpha body kit and will make your Cart stand out from the crowd.

Cheap Golf Cart Hood Scoop

This Hood Scoop is superb for the alpha body kit street or off-road styles, it is manufactured of heavy-duty plastic and features a quick-drying fabric cover. The Scoop is likewise adjustable to tailor a variety hoods, the Hood Scoop blue is a new jacketed-b pistol power golf Cart Hood scoop. It is an unequaled alternative for individuals who desiderate to wear their body work with a modern and sleek look, the Scoop is fabricated of materials that are heat and weather resistant making it enticing for use in the digits or on the go. This Hood Scoop is an unequaled addition to your golf cart, it helps to keep your Hood well organized and at the ready. The Scoop also helps to get your ball dissemination to the next hole more efficiently, the golf Cart Hood Scoop is a beneficial addition to your alpha body kit. It helps keep you in place and golf Cart Hood on your vehicle.