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Yamaha Golf Cart Brake Cable

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Yamaha G22 Golf Cart Brake Cable - Passenger Side

Cheap Yamaha Golf Cart Brake Cable

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Yamaha Golf Cart Brake Cable Ebay

The cables are designed to provide the golf cartdriver with enough power to keep you moving in all directions while your driver is providing power to the gas engine. These cable - a series of hastelloy silver color is designed to look like golf ball bearings - will run from 1 foot long to as much as 6 feet long and are made of richly gauge materialized metal. They are wrapped in a fortunately, there is a ringside area for each wheel, so the golf cart driver never has to worry about getting his or her hands on them. The brake cable for the yamaha g2 and g9 golf carts is include. It is a short cable with a black color and it is included in the box. This is a set of rear brake cables for the yamaha golf cart g8-g20 g14 g16 g19 golf carts. The cables are designed to help prevent the car from breaking from the heavy use and include a length for each car. The cables are black and the package comes with a instruction booklet. this yamaha g1 g2 gas and g2 g9 electric golf cart brake cable is a great choice for either the passenger side or the regular side of a golf cart. This cable is a quality item that is made from strong and durable materials. It is long enough to cover the entire length of the cart, and it is also comfortable to use. The cable is easy to set up and use, and it comes with a carrying case.