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Kenda Golf Cart Tires

The Kenda golf Cart Tires are 2 22 x9-10 that are 10 inches in size, they are sure to provide superior performance when it comes to carry goods. The Tires are buraq design with a green surface, which helps to provide better traction for taking risks on the course.

Hole-n-1 Golf Cart Tires

The hole-n-1 golf Cart Tires are top for a person digging for a low-profile tire option, these Tires are best-in-class for golfer with low-set Tires or anyone hunting for a safe and reliable option. This set of four Tires provide beneficial depth and height to your golf cart, the loadstar golf Cart tire pressure valve is an enticing alternative to keep your Cart pressure high and avoid built-in tire pressure your Cart tire is inflated to prevent flats. The valve is available in 14" or 20" sizes, the Kenda hole in one golf Cart Tires are designed to prevent you from getting your hands and feet inside the Cart while you're playing. They're top-rated for use in courses with soft tungsten sand or steel curbs, the Tires are redefined how the Cart Tires are just like the ones you'd expect from the likes of adidas, nike and nikesoccer. The main difference is the use of an outer layer of metal that provides extra strength and protection, the new Kenda hole-n-1 18 x 8. 50-8 4-ply golf Cart tire and wheel is first-rate for driving golf courses, it gives 18 x 8. The Kenda system with its clever hole-and-lips design means you can get the most of your golfing experience.