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Star Golf Cart Lift Kit

This Star golf Cart Lift Kit is best-in-the-class for shoppers who covet to get their golf Cart up and running on the green again, the Kit includes six spindle golf Cart Lift kits that can be attached to stock golf Cart body. This Kit also includes an electric golf Cart Lift Kit that is first-rate for folks who itch to take their golf Cart to the next level.

Best Star Golf Cart Lift Kit

The Lift Kit for the Star and zone golf carts includes 6 attachment points that can be used to move the carts around in your garden or driveway, the Kit can also be used to around your course - making it an enticing piece of garden equipment for shoppers first-time golfer or those who wish to move their golf equipment around the course more easily and effectively. The Lift Kit includes 12 colossus wheels that can be attached to the back of your Star golf cart, the wheels are able to raise and lower the Cart up to 20 degrees. This allows you to adjust the Cart to tailor your golf course conditions, the Lift Kit is likewise able to move the wheels and tires which makes moving to the next hole or previous clubland much easier. This Star golf Cart Lift Kit is designed to help move your golf Cart around in your garden or otic space, it comes with 6 spindle lifts and a mount for your golf club. This Kit can be add to your home’s appearance by adding or style to your golf course, the Lift Kit combo with 12 flash wheels makes Star golf Cart pulling easier. The wheels make sure the Cart is never reached high and the Lift Kit helps reduce the amount of weight on the carts back.