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Golf Cart Shock Extenders

This product includes 2 front Shock absorber components - 1 for each side of the Cart and 1 at the front of the cart, these absorber components help keep your carts handling and performance in line with your other equipment.

Golf Cart Shock Extenders Amazon

The golf Cart Extenders are designed to help increase the range of motion and improve performance while golfing, they are black and inches in diameter. The 34 inches long Extenders are longer than available from other golf carts, offering more space to work with, the Extenders can be attached by simply unscrewing the black end and then pulling the red end out. The red end is garrisoned with a heavy metal structure, the black end is merely a metal frame with a plastic screw top. Our golf Cart Extenders are designed to help keep your Cart launching into motion and giving you the power you need to hit the ball into the next hole, our Extenders are orange and black and help range from 1" to 2" tall. They are lightweight and uncomplicated to take on and off your cart, our Extenders are available in orange or black and are top-grade length for your cart. These golf Cart Shock Extenders are first-class for keeping your able, they are fully compressed and have extended uses if you need more range on your range day. Are you struggling to get your golf ball to feel soft and lightweight on the green? Are you digging for an alternative to help keep your golf ball from getting tired? For 81-08 club car ds golf carts is the right post for you! The golf Extenders are top-rated solution for you! They are series of metal brackets that you can place over your back spine to help keep your golf ball light and facile to feel.