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Golf Cart Rim Size

Introducing our 8x6. 19 44 cart rim size for the 18x8-8 hole. Made of beige quality, this cart has 8" wheels and a 4-hole face. It's a great choice for those looking for a basic cart with some style.

Best Golf Cart Rim Size

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Golf Cart Rim Size Ebay

This is a rimmed golf cart from cragar 1222039402 410c series. It is a size for a 12 x 7 bolt circle 4x4 cart. It is that way because that is the size of the rimmed cart. It is a great cart for people with small feet or those with a small footprint. Which is a size for a 4x4 wheel. It is made from durable materials, such as the cragar 102038402410c series golf cart wheel size 10 x 7 bolt circle 4x4. This golf cart rim size 10x6 44 aluminium is perfect for your 10x6 tire size. It comes with a wheel that has a 10x6rim. This aluminum golf cart rim size is for the 548 vision type 548 commander. It is a great gift for the golfers in your life!