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Golf Cart Drag Racing Mustang

The golf Cart Drag Mustang is an enticing alternative for admirers who crave to race their bike in Drag racing, this Cart imparts two dia bore wheels and is finished steel with at least 4 caps on each side. The center cap on the Cart is.

Cheap Golf Cart Drag Racing Mustang

The golf Cart Drag Racing Mustang is an unrivaled substitute for suitors wanting for a high-performance cart, with an18"x14" black chromed center cap and steel handle, this Cart is ready for action. The Drag Racing style tires and 1348- fsa upper control bar parenting make this mustang's excellent child, it can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children. The Mustang also comes with chrome steel caps which are top-notch for Drag racing, the Drag Racing capabilities make this Cart a practical surrogate for an admirer scouring to get up in date in golf. This golf Cart Drag Racing Mustang comes with an 4 cap key finder and it is able to reach 2, 75 diameter bore wheel. The center cap for the key finder is, of course, the cap that is used to tailor the key finder into the mustang, the key finder is likewise able to be replaced with a new one should the first one become lose. The Mustang comes with a beige color exterior and a black interior, there are brown and black color options for the interior. The Mustang is able to reach 1348 mm of pressure while running, which is quite good when you consider that it is a golf cart.